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Yoshino Flowering Cherry Tree Dead... Culprit?

Hey guys,

I've planted a Yoshino Flowering Cherry Tree in my parents backyard about five years ago. It's grown from the sapling I bought off of ebay to a great looking, large tree. Then this year came along. The tree flowered as it usually does (even more this year then last) but when the flowers died back, leaves did not follow. It's been a few weeks now of just a bare tree. I've never heard of this happening before. The main trunk still looks alive as it's still green just under the bark surface, but is something in the process of killing it? Is all hope lost and should I think about replacing it now before the summer hits?

Thanks for your help!

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Re: Yoshino Flowering Cherry Tree Dead... Culprit?

Our weather here has not played well with others. There are a variety of trees that look sickly. I did not see much blooms at all on those that missed the freeze, and the leaves are still just barely peeking out of the Ash and Maples. With the weather being as it is/or was, down to freezing temps at night, then up to 80's come afternoon... I would have to say the weather is the culprit. I'm watching and waiting.

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Re: Yoshino Flowering Cherry Tree Dead... Culprit?

Check the ends of the twigs and branches firesky.
If they are green below the surface...all is ok.
If they are brown and brittle then their is the chance that Bacterial Canker has set into your tree. All the stone fruit family are susceptible I'm afraid, both ornamental and fruiting.
Just watch and wait I'm afraid.

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