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Early blight?

Hello! I'm new here, and I need some help. This is my 2nd year starting tomatoes from seed- I got all my heirloom seeds from Baker Creek so I know they're good quality. I grow completely organically, & I just got my tomatoes in the ground (and a couple in SmartPots about a week and a half ago. I'm in zone 7b, & last year we had a really late, wet season so I'm on high alert for my tomato babies this year & want to stay on top of prevention. So I noticed this morning that one of my German Lunchbox tomato plants (in SmartPot) has a couple spots on only 2 leaves (the rest of the plant looks very healthy)- so I snipped them off- see attached photo. After researching, I *think* it may be early blight? But I wanted opinions from more experienced tomato growers. It's in a 15 gallon with a blend of organic potting soil, some leaf gro, a little composted horse manure (bagged), some lime, perlite, and a dose of Tomato Tone. In planting hole I put some epsom salt, cinnamon, & finely crushed eggshells (in retrospect, I *may* have overdone it). I have not mulched yet because I have some basil seeds sown around it that have yet to germinate. I water in morning or evening & am careful not to splash the leaves (unfortunately watering can is my only option). Any help on what this could be is greatly appreciated :)

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