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Bonsai fertiliser

I've been told to water my bonsai by leaving it in a sink filled with water up to the lip of the bonsai tub, which I'm doing. I'm also supposed to fertilise it once a week. This requires diluting the chemical in 2pints of water. this is too much to pour into the tub, so shall I put the fertiliser solution in the sink? Will the roots absorb the fertiliser this way?

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Yes the fertilizer will be absorbed with the immersion method. Although watering by immersion is often suggested to beginners most experienced growers avoid this method preferring to water, and fertilize, from above. Please take a look at the general growing sticky located at the top of the forum, make sure to follow the links that you find there.

Trees kept inside under, presumably, low light conditions tend to not be as vigorous compared to their growth under better conditions. Excessive fertilization in this environment tends to lead to weak, lanky growth. I think I would cut that fertilization schedule back by at least half, or even more. When the tree enters a more active growth period, next spring outdoors?, you can step it back up.

By the way you should try to give more information when posting. Species would be a good place to start.


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Thanks very much for that. It's a Ligustrum, by the way. And you were right about halving the amount of fertiliser, iy does actually say once a fortnight, not once a week like I said it was.


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If I remember right, using much fert on a ligustrum will get a lot of lanky growth. Use sparingly when wanting to work on ramifying it down :)

Only water from-above as it is sooo much better for gas-exchange which healthy roots require as much as any fertilizer....


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