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lilac pruning and possibility of grafting

I recently bought property that has several older (20 yr plus) trees and shrubs and need some advice. Starting with the lilac bush, it is about 20 feet high and 15 feet around and flowers beautifully, but at the top.
How do I prune to shape and lower blooms, is it possible to graft from one bush to another, Would like to create a three colored bush.
By the way I'm new to the site and to shrub care

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Hi Buffaloman and welcome to the forum...

First read this and see if the last section on overgrown shrubs doesn't help...


As for the three on one, could be done but why? Start cuttings from the three you want to combine and plant them together in the same hole. Suckers and such will soon mingle as you cut out old wood and you'll have your three in one without having to graft...

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