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I live in Phoenix AZ and need help with my new garden!!!!!

My name is Ann-Marie and I live in Hot, Hot - then cold desert nights Phoenix, Arizona! I am currently building a home and I have selected an area for a garden- but I need YOUR help! I am meeting with a landscaper- not a gardner- and this is my very first garden :D
I want to have a variety of tomatos, basil, peppers-and and thing that can grow with it. Zuchinni? Onions? Rosemary? Suggestions! I need help with any shade I may need, in ground water systems and space needed to grow. I am an avid cook and my #1 is tomatos- I know they need sun, but I don't know about the exact time of year to grow. SO please keep your suggestions rolling in and I will share my fantastic recipes with you in return! :wink:
Thanks so much!

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hi ann, what kind of space are you working with?

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well the first three you listed basil tomatoes and peppers need heat and lots of it.
Especially the peppers I don't think it can get too hot for them.
Maybe building something like a small greenhouse or hoophouse out of pvc pipe and plastic would help you there.
if you are in the desert tomatoes will be a big problem. You need a regular watering schedule for them other wise you are going to have diseases or cracks or other problems.
Maybe investing in a good drip line and automatic water system so you get the same amount of water every day for each plant would be a good investment. The auto water systems can be had on the cheap for 45 dollars on the low end and several hundred on the high end. the drip tape the auto waters would use would keep water off your leaves so less disease and would apply the water directly at the roots where you need it the most giving you healthier tomatoes. The autowaterer would also give the same amount of water every time so that you don't have the cracking problem as much.
Hope that helps a little I know its not much but it gives you some things to think about. I wish you luck and let us know how it goes.

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