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What can I do now in September

to battle blight next year? I have been growing a garden the last 4 years but stupidly did not rotate my crops or add any compost or anything else back to the soil. I've been getting blight the last couple years( this year was really bad) and also what I think is black rot. I added compost this year and after some self edjucation I decided to clear all the infected plants and plant a cover crop (hairy vetch). Is ther any thing else I should be doing to help my soil for next year? Any help is greatly appreciated

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Hi there! I would say the biggest thing would be to make sure to move your crops around. Make sure not to put similar plants in last years location, so any disease lingering in the soil will not have its regular target to attack next year. You don't have to move the planting location drastically apart - just shift the location ten feet or so, more if your feeling paranoid.

You might want to also take a look at planting specific disease resistant varieties of particular plants in the garden next year, if disease was a severe issue this year.

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