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transplanted outdoor ficus trouble

I just moved a beautiful ficus benjamina which was too close to my house to another location. It was a big chore, and it had to be dragged. The roots also were cut. It has rapidly turned brown and of course leaves are dropping. How long will it take for me to know if it is going to make it or not? How can I tell? I am also torn about watering a lot and/or watering too much. It gets a lot of sun and it is warm here in San Diego. I would like to wait it out and give it a chance, but it is unsightly and in front of my house so if it isn't going to make it, I would like to know sooner rather than later. Thanks for any help!

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Did you remove growth to account for the loss of roots? If not it will naturally not be able to support the growth on top the way it did prior to the transplant. My suggestion would be to cut it back a bit and give it some time to get over the shock of a major transplant before giving up.

Of course...I could be wrong.

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