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Tips for Growing Vegetables & Flowers In Spain Soil

I have so many questions.

Do I need special soil for growing in a part of spain where there is calcium in the water.
Should I use water from the tap to water them or from the purifier
Any suggestions as to what variety I should try I'm growing them in a container.

In England I had 3/4 acre so had many veg but yearn for a rhubarb plant can get seeds but no plants. Sticks near me in the market are about 1€ a stick......

I bought a camelia the other month in a pot. Does it need special soil? It doesn't yet need potting but will do next year. I thought that i would leave it in the pot i bought it in and then just stick this pot into another pot.....

There arn't many books for sale here and what there are skim over subjects - I go through the internet but it takes time..... thanks for any help anyone has time to suggest anything Enna

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Re: Tips for Growing Vegetables & Flowers In Spain Soil

Are you wanting to grow annual or perennial flowers? Or woody plants? Or???

Keep talking we want you to grow happy.

Hard water is not that big of a deal.

Water liberally in the sink and then let plants dry out some between watering.

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Re: Tips for Growing Vegetables & Flowers In Spain Soil

Welcome to the forum! :D

I would love to hear what you will be growing -- I wonder if some things and varieties will be different from what would be familiar to me?

Camelia, I think, would need acidic soil. Peat moss is what is usually suggested, but I hesitate since it is now considered a non-renewable resource. Do they sell shredded wood mulch there? Composted would be even better.

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Re: Tips for Growing Vegetables & Flowers In Spain Soil

The best way to see what will grow where you are is to take a ride around the area and take notes on what other people are growing. If they can do it, it will probably work for you.

Unless your pH is on the extreme ends or you have plants that like either acidic or alkaline soils, most plants can adapt.

https://www.harvesttotable.com/2013/12/v ... olerances/

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Re: Tips for Growing Vegetables & Flowers In Spain Soil

In the region of Castile and León of northern Spain, Burgos has a similar growing season climate to my location here. The location is lower in latitude but makes up for it by being a little higher in elevation than my gardens.

The soil here tends somewhat to a higher pH and the water will run above 8 on the pH scale. There is a fair amount of calcium in it.

Organic matter in the soil is probably the best way for a gardener to move that scale a little closer to neutral.


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