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Maybe some type of vine?

I have this vine like covering growing in my yard that I cannot identify. I dug it out about 5 days ago and new seedlings are growing back already. I would like to get rid of them completely because they hurt my feet when I walk on them and I would prefer grass in that area. I am in Northeastern PA and I am not sure if they are native to the area.

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Re: Maybe some type of vine?

Sorry you didn't get any response, but it's very hard to identify something just from some non-descript roots. If you wait until some of it is leafed out and then show a couple pictures of how the vine grows and close ups of the leaves, probably someone can ID it.

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Re: Maybe some type of vine?

I thought maybe it would be Canadian thistle, but -- yeah -- I can't tell from this photograph.

FYI -- Canadian thistles grow runners -- underground roots/stems and pop up new baby plants all over.
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