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Bareroot blackberry question

I just planted some bare root blackberries (north florida). The plants arrived with about 1 ft or so of cane above the ground. I've read on a few places to prune at planting - to about 4". Some of the canes have new shoots showing up already. What should I do, prune or not? I've read that not pruning at planting may hold back root development, but they are already kind of short. I'm interested in the long term health of the plant vs short term. Thanks!

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Re: Bareroot blackberry question

Hi Redfish - welcome to the forum. Please update your profile and include your county. "North Florida" covers a lot of ground and different growing conditions.

To prune or not to prune - that is the question. seriously - up to you. If you decide to prune do so just above, but not into a leaf node. Make sure the node that you prune above is facing outward. You do not want the new canes growing into the center of the plant.

Do not bury the crown. Leave the top of the crown partially exposed.

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