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Blue Berries-acid soil and other vegetable plants

I have been growing blue berry plants intermixed with my garden. My garden just sits there and nothing really flourishes. My blueberry plants are stagnate so my landscaping nursery person suggested Potash and lime for the garden as a whole in order for the fertilizers to work better. However other plants may not like this soil.

I live in Cleveland Ohio, my soil is clay, two years ago I dumped more then enough compost, I use miracle garden out of a sprinkling can.

My question is this relating to blue berry needed a lower acid then the rest of the garden. How close or intermixed with garden plants should I plant my blueberries? Then there is the sunlight problem. I am thinking of making more slates in the fence.

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Re: Blue Berries-acid soil and other vegetable plants

I would put the blueberries in their own bed. They are happy with a pH less than 5. Make the blueberry bed out of peat moss, no compost, and coarse sand for drainage 50/50. I actually would use red cinders since they are acidic and work better in the ground as they don't rise to the surface like perlite. Make sure you are using the MG for acid loving plants, it contains micros.

Before trying to fix pH you should get a soil test and only add the recommended amount of lime or sulfur. I would for recommendations for both blueberries and general vegetable garden plants.

Compost added two years ago may have already been mostly used up, organics need to be replaced every time.
PH cannot be changed rapidly, except by adding peat moss which has a pH of around 5.0, and it will take the soil organisms about 6 months to gradually change it, so there won't be many quick fixes.

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Re: Blue Berries-acid soil and other vegetable plants

To start with, definitely open up that solid fence, doesn't look like your plants could be getting nearly enough sun.

I didn't follow all of what you said. Blueberries do need acid soil, meaning low pH. But potash and lime are used to make soil less acid, raise the pH.

But anyway, imafan is right, there is no way you can be growing acid lovers and not acid lovers in the same bed and have everything thrive. Whatever you do to raise or lower pH in one part of the bed will diffuse out to all the rest.

Give the blueberries their own spot... this could even be a large container. Then you can make acidic conditions in the blueberry bed/container. But I would be careful about the potash and lime even for the veggies. Most veggies like slightly acidic soil (not as acidic as for the blueberries, but somewhat below neutral). Soil test is good idea.

And yes, adding compost is not a once and done kind of thing. It gets used up, dissipates, continues breaking down further, etc. Needs to be added at least every spring, if not more often - I usually do spring, summer, fall compost additions.

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