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Planting new Iris rhizomes

I created a new Iris bed to plant a number of Iris rhizomes. The bed area was previously covered with pachysandra ground cover, which I ripped out. What was underneath, was
stones and "netting" to prevent weeds. I was unable to remove all of the stones or remove
the "netting". What I ended up doing was mixing Compost with Miracle Gro Garden Soil
and planted my new Iris rhizomes. I hope I did not make a major mistake here. I created
pretty much a raised bed, but had no natural soil to mix in with the compost and garden soil.
Can anyone help me with this ?

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Re: Planting new Iris rhizomes

I am not sure what zone you are in. I am in zone 3b and Iris rhizomes tend to be very hardy here. They do not grow deep into the soil, so I think it should work out great. If you put compost and garden soil on top that should be all it needs. I have seen Iris's come back year after year even when completely neglected, in grass, not fertilized, watered or split up.

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