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Rapidly losing leaves on Pyracantha Bonzai


I have a pyracantha Bonzai tree. Over the past month it has been rapidly losing leaves. They dry up and then fold in half lengthwise. This leads to all the leaves on that branch falling off. There is new growth on the tree but not on the branches that have lost leaves. I'm attaching some photos. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Rapidly losing leaves on Pyracantha Bonzai

How long have you had your firethorn bonsai? Have you kept it through other winters? Do you know if it is the coccinea or angustafolia species?

Firethorn is an evergreen and should not be dropping leaves, but it is not generally an indoor tree. "Inside, P. angustifolia trees should be kept in a cool, unheated environment. P. coccinea varieties are more frost resistant and should be kept outside if possible, though protection against temperatures below around -5°C should be given. Also protect against strong freezing winds. " (emphasis added)

Heated indoor environments are very warm and VERY dry - not good for trees and makes them vulnerable to diseases and spider mites. I expect at this point your tree is diseased, but I'm not expert enough to say more about that.
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