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What veggies to plant in the fall in Florida?

I don't have beds, which I would LOVE, but since we're not staying in this house I'm just not going to spend the time and money to put them in, so I'm stuck with pots. And I have absolutely no idea when/how to plant stuff in pots in a tropical climate. I tried tomatoes last year and they got wrecked in a summer thunder storm.

I can put plants either east facing, which gets the morning (cooler) sun, or west facing, which gets the afternoon (warmer) sun.

I'd like tomatoes, but don't know which kind can go in a pot that won't end up 5 feet tall. I found a website a while back for apartment gardening where everything was in pots, but I can't find it anymore.

I also have a huge concrete pot that I'd like to fill with herbs. It's west facing so it gets the afternoon sun. What herbs would be good for that amount of sun?

Any ideas/suggestions?

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Ooooh. Herbs in pots...where shall I start.....with the tomato! :lol:

Seriously now. I grow tumbling tomatoes. Can you get them there?
No pinching, no tying up, perfect for pots. They produce the little cherry toms that are really sweet and like their name suggests tumble down. Stick one in a 14" or bigger pot and watch it grow and feed it. Nothing else. I think there is a smaller growing one called Garten pearl. Good for hanging baskets but I haven't grown that one.

Now the herbs. East facing...chives, parsley, dill, chervil, basil. All of these are inclined to 'bolt' if too hot and sunny so make some room in your east facing pots for these. They could all be grown with whatever veges in the same pot as they don't take up much room and are beneficial to your veges as well.

West facing...rosemary, thyme, oregano, marjoram, sage and coriander. They like free draining compost so don't use regular potting compost. Either mix gritsand with the regular (about a third) or use alpine compost.
I will leave the vege experts to suggest what other veges to grow.

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