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The Rooftop Garden: How to build an urban farm

I have been thinking about growing vegetables on the roof of my townhouse for quite some time now. Having grown up in the countryside and only recently having moved to the city I am itching to rediscover my green thumb(!). In my search to learn more about the intricacies of starting a garden on my roof I stumbled upon this book:
The Rooftop Garden: How to build an urban farm by Keith Forrest
It is a relatively short book, but I found it very insightful and I think it will be a good ongoing reference source. It covers the basics in an introduction, including a discussion on permissions that might be required to start a garden and the unique challenges of a rooftop environment. It then breaks down rooftop gardening into "herbs", "vegetables" and a handful of different "fruit" to grow, which from the book sounds like the more difficult of the three to successfully grow. I probably gained the most from a discussion on how hydroponic gardening can be an excellent addition to a rooftop garden, something I am already planning on implementing when I start my own rooftop garden.

I was wondering if any of you had read this book, or if you could recommend any other books that would also help me with my goal of growing some vegetable in my city living space.

I would love to hear your feedback/reviews of this book. If any of you have any additional suggestions it would be great to hear from you.

Happy gardening (and reading!)

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Re: The Rooftop Garden: How to build an urban farm

Hi. We found this book helpful: Snodgrass (2010): The green roof manual. Hope it helps. You can visit us @ for more related posts.

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