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Help me please!!!

I have a carmonamacrophylla. I got it in mart 2014, everything was great, it's bloomed during the summer. but in october all leaves fall down. I think a was watering it wrong. the rots were root, I cut them off and there is just 1/3 of them are heathy. changed the soil. now the branches are very dry. can you tell me, is there any chance it will be fine?
p.s. I'm sorry for the mistakes :oops:

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Re: Help me please!!!

Your English is fine, but your carmona (Fukien tea) is not. :(

It is a tropical evergreen and should not drop leaves like that. I suspect it is a goner. You can check by breaking a little branch. If it snaps easily and is brown all the way through, the branch is dead. In that case, scrape just a little bark off the trunk and see what the trunk is like underneath it. If it is green and moist, the tree is still alive. If it is dry and brown under the bark, unfortunately your tree has passed away.

The soil it is in looks all wrong for bonsai, too organic and moisture holding, too compacted. So yes, I think you watered it too much in soil that held the water too much and the roots died.

If you want to try again at some point, there are some tips about bonsai soil and watering and etc here:

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