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Young lime tree growing upwards - not outwards!

I recently purchased a 3 year old dwarf tahitian lime tree from a nursery and it has has been growing well, the leaves look healthy, but it isn't growing any branches. It is about 1.5 metres tall and starting to droop over like a candy cane. It isn't producing fruit yet but if it doesn't grow branches, it won't be able to hold the weight of the fruit. Any advice on how to help it grow outwards? I'm scared to prune it too much because it's still so young. Thanks!

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Something I learned about trees grown from cuttings. If your cutting was from a terminal upward branch the tree will grow up, if it came from a lateral branch it will grow sideways.

If you have one that is growing up, it is easier to get it to branch. Just top it above a leaf node. The citrus trees here at least are putting out new leaves and flowering so it is a good time to do the pruning.

If you had a lateral branch it would be a lot harder to get it to grow up.

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