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Drooping Branches on Italian cypress tree

Hi ,I have a problem with a Cypress tree .It is in California climate ,after a recent storm and rains the branches started to droop quite badly. Also looking inside both trees are brown and dried up inside.
it may have been over watered it is next to a hose faucet that was leaking at one time.
If anyone has any advise on what is best to do I would greatly appreciate your help.

I am not sure whether they are worth saving if they are rotten or dead inside.
I was going to string up the branches with the hope of them growing back in the right direction but after seeing the browning dead branches inside I am not so sure if they could come back
here are some pics ..any ideas ?


Inside the tree with drooping branches

Inside the second tree

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A little thinning may be in order, keep in mind that cypress have a hard time regenerating where their is no green leaves. most like they started drooping b/c the rain or wind broke down the branch structure. best bet I think would be to tie the branches back in place for a season or two till the branches thicken up and can hold their own weight

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