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help! tiny white spots on spearmint

Hello so I noticed today that some of my leaves on my spearmint has these tiny white spots. They are definitely not bugs, i would like to know if this is normal or not normal? and what could it be? thanks

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Re: help! tiny white spots on spearmint

Although you said they are not bugs, I tend to think of this kind of damage as due to sucking insects on the underside of the leaves. It could be pests like whiteflies or spidermites.

Take a good look underneath -- maybe see if you can get a well focused photo.
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Re: help! tiny white spots on spearmint

It can also be leaf hoppers, you may not see them but if their numbers are high enough they leave excrement.

Aphids, thrip, and spider mites you may be able to spot on the undersides of the leaves with a good loupe or hand lens.

fungal disease on mint usually shows up on the stems too especially at the bases as white fuzzy powder when it gets really bad. Fungal diseases usually show up in humid wet weather. ... ?symbol=37
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