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Re: Diagnosing an unsuccessful raised bed vegetable garden

applestar wrote:This year, I had 6 tomato plants, one seed started 2 yr old asparagus, 1 nasturtium, 1 runner bean, 1 pole bean, 1/2 dozen beets that didn't do well, and 4 garlic -- all planted in a 4x4x12" high sides directly on the ground raised bed
Applestar, I just came across this and was surprised at the amount you grew in that 4x4 bed. Could you give some idea of the spacing pattern and support systems you used? My bed sections are 3.5x4 feet and for tomatoes I limit them to 6 plants giving each a little over 2 sf., with nothing else planted in the section. Though your beds are a bit wider I have trouble imagining all those extras - garlic, beans etc, fitting in. Even if availability of nutrients was not a problem, I imagine "structural management" of the plants could be challenging. Would appreciate any details you can give.

I'm pretty new here but already I appreciate your many informative posts.

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Do you think that AppleStar has densely planted garden beds, Vanisle_BC?

We are all curious how she has planted her winter Bedroom! Entire house. Garage. Neighbor's Guest Room!



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Yeah, Apple has a jungle. She must have a really big house or it must be a maze in winter getting around the plants. Applestar experiments with hundreds of tomatoes, I have room for three (and it is all I need anyway) and so many other plants. Her garden must be bigger than I imagine from the pictures. What are the dimensions Applestar?

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