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help!!!! bonsai's leaves are turning yellow!!

Hi! I'm new here.. and I wanna share this with you guys, thank you :) well, my mom gave me this bonsai as a gift.. 3 weeks ago.. I'm not an expert.. I so ive been watering. Once a week.. than I realized it suppose to be more constantly. .. is indoor. But I'm not sure if is outdoor.. please help.. I don't want it to day. Thank you

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It looks like a ficus. Ficus does not like to have its light changed. Don't be surprised if it loses all of its leaves, it will grow them back. It is probably getting less light than it was used to.

Plants should be watered when needed. Use the chopstick method. Poke the chopstick in the media and see if it is damp. If it is damp then it doesn't need water yet. When it is almost dry, then take the pot to the sink and water it well. It is important for potted plants to get a good flushing to keep salts from building up. Let it drain before you put it back. There should be no water in the saucer. It is common but a lazy way to water the plant in place. The plant is small so it isn't hard to get it to the sink.

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Ficus is one of the best trees for growing as indoor bonsai, pretty tolerant of indoor conditions. It does like pretty much light, so put it by your best south facing window. As imafan noted, they can readily drop a bunch of leaves if conditions are changed, but they also readily grow them back.

In the spring, it would benefit from a good bit of pruning and shaping, to reduce twigginess and give it some form.

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