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new to hydroponics - few questions

I'm new to hydroponics and gardening in general. I'm attempting to build an indoor strawberry tower. I kind of jumped the gun and ordered some starter plants and they arrived faster than I expected. I had hoped to finish the tower before they got here. Is there a cheap way to plant or store them while I finish construction? How long will they survive?

is there a certain distance I should space plants?


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Re: new to hydroponics - few questions

Hi Tim, Welcome, The strawberries: they're in soil? Just keep them from drying out, they can wait. How long is the tower going to take? Are you building the tower of PVC? You didn't say where you're located,,, If you aren't afraid the cold, put the plants outside while you finish. Spacing: 5" or 6" apart will do. Tell us how large your system is, or better yet show us. Have a good day.


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Re: new to hydroponics - few questions

It depends on how long the tower is going to take to complete, as Richard says they should be fine for a short while.