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TREE identification needed

Please help me identify this tree. It sprouted this spring, and is now about 10' tall! We live in the central valley of California, not far from a river, and are always getting odd seedlings from the birds. But this has me stumped!

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You are at nearly the opposite end of the country from me and you undoubtedly have many species I'm completely unfamiliar with but it might be Morus alba or Common Mulberry. At least in the Midwest this is a weed tree. It was imported as part of a failed scheme to introduce silk production in the USA and quickly escaped.

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MaineDesigner has it spot on, that is a leaf from a white mulberry. Interstingly, the white mulberry has two different leaf shapes on one tree.

Very invasive, and the fruit-value is questionable at best. If you do not want it, get rid of it right away. I am as organic a grower as I can be, but I don't think twice about using a woody brush-killer on the mulberries. I have a very small yard, and do not want to yield any of it to an ugly, useless tree that sends its babies out to take over the world. :roll:

Oops, my apologies to those who might take offense at my feelings about this tree! Sorry....

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