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Leaves dropping from Plum Cherry Tree in Summer

The leaves have continually dropped from the tree throughout summer and the leaves looked thinner and weaker in colour than they used to.
There is a yellow scale on some of the lower branches, so not sure if it has a disease that can be treated.

grateful for advice..

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Re: Leaves dropping from Plum Cherry Tree in Summer

I'm sorry you never got a response. I'm just bumping your post so more people will see it. We have an orchardist (JONA) who has been a regular around here and is really good on questions like this, but I haven't seen posts from him for awhile.

The yellow "scale" you mentioned is lichen. It is just a sign that those branches are dead and so are now being colonized. The lichen didn't cause the dying, it just came afterward.

Tree is clearly dying, but for a big tree like that, that is a long process and parts of the tree may still be OK so far. I don't know enough to know what is causing it to die - probably some disease process.

Here's hoping you get a better answer!
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Re: Leaves dropping from Plum Cherry Tree in Summer

Hi Peter...and thank you RG.

Re your plum.
As Rainbow has said, it does look as if your tree is slowly giving up the ghost.
Try reaching as high up as you can and scrapping of the bark to see if the underlying wood is still green.
If it's green underneath then there is still life in the beast. do run some risk if you decide to keep it until it finally gives up completely.
One of the biggest killers of both Plum and Cherry is Bacterial Canker. This attacks trees of all ages and can devastate orchards.
Some control can be found in using Copper based sprays. Bordeaux mixture or similar applied early Sept and first week of Oct. can sometimes help...But... if your tree is defoliating heavily in the summer months than I' m afraid that it may well be too late.

If you do remove your tree in the end. Try and re-plant as far away from the original site as you can.

Hope this helps a little. Good luck.

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