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Help please -is this Japanese honeysuckle?

I need to know if these flowers are honeysuckles or 4oclocks. I'm not well educated in this area. What are the differences between the two? These flowers bloom bright yellow only at night and have a sweet overpowering aroma every morning.

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Re: Help please

Hi & welcome! They're 4'o'clocks, Mirabilis jalapa. They can survive winter outside starting at about Z7, and points south. The top of the plant will shrivel away in cold weather, then grow back when it's warm again. This kind of plant makes a huge, tuberous root over time. Honeysuckles can be vines or woody shrubs. They are not closely related.

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Re: Help please

honeysuckles blooms will be open in the daytime and are much larger and a different shape.

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Re: Help please -is this Japanese honeysuckle?

I agree with 4 o'clocks.

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