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I forgot what herb I planted!

I planted this around May/June. This is what it's been looking like for a couple months.
What is it??

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Re: I forgot what herb I planted!

Unless you planted a cultivated polygonum (Polygonum orientale, kiss-me-over-the-garden-gate, princess feather) it's probably one of the weedy variety.

Here's a forum member who grows them in his garden. Compared to his, yours' leaves are narrow.

Subject: Princess Feather Update
lakngulf wrote:Each year I have volunteer Princess Feather flowers in my garden. They came from seed my son and family gave me one year--supposedly these are some flowers grown at time of Thomas Jefferson (son and family lived in Charlottesville at the time). Well, I normally let them grow where they start. This year they are part of the okra row

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