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What's wrong with my hostas?

Hi. I'm new here with a question. We just recently moved to a new house and I dug up my hostas from the old house and planted them at the new house. They're doing the same thing here that they did at the old house. They have brown leaves with holes in them. Anybody know what this is? And how to get rid of it? I haven't seen any slugs. And I wondered if it was a fungus.
Thanks in advance!

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Sounds like slugs to me. Have you seen any slime trails? Slugs are mostly nocturnal, so you won't normally see them unless you're prowling the bed w/a flashlight. Try laying a board or some damp newspaper between hostas overnight, then go out next AM and turn it over--see any slugs then? If so, get out the beer trays. Oh yeah, and smash the ones you just found or put them in the bird feeder.

Happy Gardening.

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I don't bother with a board. I just put out the beer and check in the morning - I'm usually surprised by the number of happily drowned slugs I get. haha!

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