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Melons -when leaves look old is it time to fold?

My melons had a bad case of aphids and since I live in China and don't trust the insecticides (nor can I read the labels), I treated only with soapy water. It seemed to work for a while but it's been really hot and now the leaves are all turning yellow and there seems to be a mold growing on some of them. The melons are large (most of them) but I don't know if they are ripe - do I pick them now? Will the yellow leaves provide them with any more sweetness at this point? Is there a natural way to rid them of the mold? (It seems to form in little white "hairs" under the leaves but I am also seeing white on the top of some leaves now. Thanks for any helpful advice you can give!

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Hi Sarigul,

I realize it's probably too late to help you with your melons now, but I suspect the aphid damage has caused the yellowing of the leaves. Sometimes the aphids can spread a virus. Aphids are often attracted to plants that are fed alot of nitrogen, especially if you are using synthetic fertilizers. The new and juicy lush growth attracts them. Insecticidal soap helps to kill them and you can make your own.

The mold could be powdery mildew or downy mildew. There are homemade organic remedies you can make for pests and diseases. You should find these helpful.

Organic recipes for diseases:

Organic recipes for pests:

These sites have some good growing info that you might want to save.

Here's harvest info. Look at Muskmelon at the second site for melon harvest info.


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