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Help! Newbie here. Self set tomatoes in new greenhouse

Hi everyone.

I need some advise please!!

I bought a house with a greenhouse, it has some self set tomato plants growing in it.
I have watered them them everyday since I discovered them growing in the greenhouse and given them some fertiliser.
I have not grown tomatoes before and the plants are getting very tall (to the top of the side wall of the greenhouse) and they are also very bushy.

Should I prune them to reduce number of stems?
Will they keep growing taller?

Any other tips for a newbie tomato grower?

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Help! Newbie here. Self set tomatoes in new greenhouse

I would stop fertilizing them with a high nitrogen (first number on the bag) fertilizer. Tomatoes are heavy feeders, but I don't feed them more than a couple of times.

It sounds like you have an indeterminate tomato by the description. Suckers can be pruned. Is it staked? Staking helps to support the vines and the weight of fruit.

All tomatoes are self pollinating, but you can help it along by giving the flowers a gentle shake to release their pollen.
Happy gardening in Hawaii. Gardens are where people grow.

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Re: Help! Newbie here. Self set tomatoes in new greenhouse

A picture would help so much in this situation. Bushy sounds good to me that means it's healthy. But you may need to trim for height or at least general access. I need to to do that to get through my rows sometimes. :lol:

Again a picture would help a lot. Good luck


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