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Mealy bugs over the fishpond!

Hello everyone - I'm new to this website and to gardening if I'm honest. I've just bought a property with a lovely partially covered patio area and it has a large fishpond with palms and bamboo extending over it. My problem is mealy bug! I want to get rid of them with something that won't hurt the fish if it should get in the water. I've made up a solution of chilli 'water' which I've sprayed over the leaves of other plants affected in the area but I don't want to risk using it over the pond. Any help with this would be much appreciated :D thanks in advance, Jojo

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Re: Mealy bugs over the fishpond!

If you have mealy bugs, you probably have ants around the base of those plants. Mealy bugs excrete honey dew and the ants protect them in return for the honey dew. Get rid of the ants, blast the mealy bugs off the plants with water. I wonder if fish eat mealy bugs. :)

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