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Japanese dwarf juniper help

I have had a Japanese dwarf juniper since April and I was told it is 50 years old. Unfortunately when I researched I read it could be indoor or outdoor. So I've been watering it with water mixed with super thrive liquid fertilizer at the roots and spraying foliage with a spray bottle and keeping it indoors. It looked ok and even had fresh green growth until this week when lots of stiff dry needles began falling off. I read some more and found out all junipers need to be outside. So I moved it to the north side of my balcony where it will get indirect sun.I am in virginia. So this is how it looks today. There is some white grey fungus or mold on one side of the trunk. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Re: Japanese dwarf juniper help

Welcome Mitch. Juniper show their health after the fact. Any conifer is probably not the tree I'd recommend to a first-time grower, because of their having health changes months before they show them. Your tree may well be unwell beyond any hope of salvage.

Learn how to use a wooden splinter or chop-stick to test for need of water. keep on the north exposure and cross your fingers.

FWIW I am not a superthrive booster, but I doubt if that is the only thing affecting your tree.

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Re: Japanese dwarf juniper help

Darn, that is such a cool looking tree. That is really a shame. I hope it is able to survive. Are there no fungicides that can be sprayed on a plant to prohibit its spread?

I am trying to be so cautious of any over-watering at all because our humidity here in central Florida is so high all the time that all our plant life has a coating of dew on it in the morning. I inspect my Juniper daily or twice daily.

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Re: Japanese dwarf juniper help

Now that it has been outside, I would move it to some location where it gets direct sun. They are really a full sun plant.

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