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New Bonsai

Hi there,

I recieved a Bonsai Tree last weekend for my birthday. It is just beautiful and I love it very much, but I am completely and utterly new to it and don't no how to tend to its needs the best.

my friend has told me it is a pepper tree, but I don't know what sort. and so far, I have managed to water it once in a basin so the water goes just above the soil, but am very worried about caring for it. especially now as its leaves are looking slightly droppy.

I have it by a window, but at the moment it is having little sunlight due to bad weather... any help at all would be just wonderful, in identifying it or caring for it on a more general level??? thankYou, xxx

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Welcome to the forum and to bonsai as well. The plant that I am thinking of is Zanthoxylum, known as Chinese Pepper, here is a picture to verify the ID. Let us know if this is it.
As far as care goes please read the general care sticky thread located at the top of this forum. Make the effort to follow the links that have been posted within the thread. Concentrate on watering and location at first. Many trees are killed by improper watering practices. Watering by immersion should not be practiced on a regular basis. More accurately, it should not be necessary and if it is you have other issues. Ensure that the pot has a drainage hole. If there is any form of decoration, especially a glued on layer of pebbles, please remove them as they serve no useful purpose.

No tree will be at its best inside, especially without supplemental lighting. I keep nothing inside during the summer, even tropicals are outside now. A humidity tray can help in keeping the humidity up. If you don't know what this is you can use the search function on this forum as it has been described several times before. If you have any specific questions feel free to ask and we will try to help.


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