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Citrus Tree Sprout

Hello! Since last March I've been growing, what I assume to be, an orange tree. Is there any advice anyone could give on caring for the plant beyond watering it and giving it sun? Thanks a bunch, enjoy your evening!Image

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Re: Citrus Tree Sprout

Just leave it alone for now. It looks very healthy. :D
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Re: Citrus Tree Sprout

It does look good. You will probably wait 5-7 years for fruit from a seedling unless it gets grafted.

If the weather is warm the citrus would be happier outside.
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Re: Citrus Tree Sprout

Where are you located? They grow strong if allowed to spend the summer outside. Plant in at least 6" deep pot with well draining potting mix. Don't put where the pot will sit in water after rain or watering.
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