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what to do with dead blooms?

My wonderful landlord, just bought me some hydrangeas for the porch. They were in full bloom and look beautiful. I am learning that I was not watering them enough and it appeared they were dying. It is early summer and with increased watering, I am seeing some new blooms. Should I keep the "dead looking" blooms on or clip them off? Also, typically how much water should I give potted hydrangeas per day? I attempted to post a photo, unfortunately I was not able to.

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Re: what to do with dead blooms?

Feel free to cut them off if they look ugly. On year one, bloomage tends to last too little due to transplant shock and the greenhouse conditions used for large plantings.

Hydrangeas in containers will need watering more often than those in the ground but it is difficult to say how often because so many variables enter into the equation. However, you cannot go wrong with something simple like inserting a finger into the soil to a depth of 3-4" and watering if the soil feels dry or almost dry.

I would suggest 1 gallon per watering but it may be necessary to water more in the summers or when the container gets large because the plant has grown. Or water less if the shrub size is still small. Try watering them a little, wait for the water to drain and then water again. I usually get plantings that fit around a 18" pot and switch to larger containers in 2" size increments.


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Re: what to do with dead blooms?

Welcome to the Forum! Good advice from luis, who is a hydrangea expert.

People often leave the blooms on hydrangea, because hydrangea unlike a lot of other plants will hang on to those spent blossoms all through the winter. It adds a bit of winter interest, especially if you are in a place that has cold and snowy winters. (It always helps to let us know your location; few garden questions can be answered without regard to climate, etc.)

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Re: what to do with dead blooms?

Today we cut the old dry blooms off the hydrangeas. Cut down to a nice big bud most with leaves. We are in the Pacific Northwest and although it might be a bit early, they can survive a late freeze. Hope this helps.

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