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Newbie starting a new garden

I recently retired and now have the time and location to make a vegetable garden. I intend to make a 32 x 32 raised bed (mounded?) garden in the (sunny all day) grassy field behind the house. I plan to plant next spring but I need to know what to do first, second etc.

I have nearly unlimited access to free seaweed and horse manure.

This Fall: I thought that I would rent a rear tine? rototiller to do the intitial till of the sod and topsoil - Then I would till the seaweed & manure in and cover with more seaweed and let it all WORK through the winter.

Next spring: I thought I would till again with my small tiller - set up the soaker hoses etc. and plant vegies etc. as early as practical.

What to I have wrong and right and what other suggestions can you provide?

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sounds like you know what your doing..... :D good luck.... :D

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sounds good to me as well sounds liek you will have your beds off to a good start.

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Sounds good. Since you have plenty of time, be sure to compost your horsemanure to prevent weed seeds. You cannot beat good horse manure for a garden. You will also have time to gather leaves this fall and till them in. The more organic material you put in, the better. Did you transplant yourself from Oregon to the n'east? Good Luck. Gardener Don

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