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Tomato problem


This is my first time here. Hello everyone!!!

I checked my tomato plants tonight and the very first tomato I had growing changed overnight with 2 brown spots on it. I'm wondering if anyone knows what I did wrong and what I can do to prevent this from happening to my other tomatoes on the way. Thanks!

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Re: Tomato problem

This photo is a bit out of focus, but from what
I can see, these brown spots look water soaked, which is consistent with wet rot. The wet rots can come from either bacteria or fungi, or both entering the tomato through even a tiny break in the skin, such as that which a piercing sucking insect might do, or a crack from swelling after a rainfall, any break in the skin. It doesn't look like blossom end rot to me because it isn't a leathery spot, it has that water soaked halo around the brown.
Sorry this happened, its a heartbreak, but a common one. You will get other fruits that are good. :wink:

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