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Just Bought a Bonsai... But What Kind is It?

Hi everyone I'm new and I just got my first Bonsai yesterday!

My Bonsai:

Would someone be able to identify it please? Thanks. :)

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Hello and welcome. It is possible that it is a Serissa but I am not certain. Are there any signs of flower buds? You can pinch off a small shoot and check for an unpleasant odor. I have been looking for a good closeup of the foliage, this is the best I can locate right now.



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The leaves look to big in the pic to be a serissa. I could be wrong though. I can't really tell from the pic so you might google both sageretia and barbados cherry.

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Looks like an azalea maybe?


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looks like a hackberry to me I gave it a search it looks the same

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I would say from the picture looks alot like my old, Segeretia Theezan or chinese bird plum.

If the leaves look like these:


Then you have what I suspected.

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