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containers with plants above bulbs-multi season enjoyment???

I'd like to plant a container of tulips and was wondering if I could plant mums on top so I could get several seasons out of the one container. Also, I was wondering about planting Asiatic lilies with asters above them. Has anyone tried this?

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Hi :D

The tulips should be fine with the mums but I woudn't put asters in a pot with lilies as their roots are like spaghetti and your lilies may have trouble getting through. If you are after something to flower once the lilies are done why not planting with Dahlias. Maybe one of the single or collerette varieties which aren't too vigorous and should cover up the dying foliage of the lilies. They will keep flowering until the first frosts and it would be easy enough to lift the bulb (s) to store without disturbing the lilies.

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