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Blackberries and Japanese Beetles

Hello, I live Northwest Georgia and have an abundance of wild blackberries this year. I know as soon as they start to ripen the Japanese Beetles will devour them. I could use some suggestions on how to stop them from eating my berries. Please help!

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Re: Blackberries and Japanese Beetles

They love to eat 4 o'clocks, too... Only it kills them when they eat it! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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Re: Blackberries and Japanese Beetles

It's too late for it now, because the adult beetles will be up, but in the spring, you can treat your lawn with milky spore disease (available in powder form in garden stores), which will kill the grubs which are the larval form of them. For now, just keep an eye out. When you see them, come out in the AM while it is still cool (meaning the beetles are slowed down) and just shake them into a bowl of soapy water held under the branch.

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