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Green Pepper Plant Diseased?

Hello all, recently I have noticed that leaves on my green pepper plant have been getting brown spots and really looking sickly overall. What is this and should I remove the plant from my garden? Below are pics of the leaves. Also, I have a cayenne pepper plant that is looking similar to the green pepper plant now.

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Re: Green Pepper Plant Diseased?

Can't quite tell what it is from the pictures, but I would start by cutting off and removing all the affected leaves and disposing in trash in case it is disease. See if any more leaves exhibit same issues on the rest of the plants.
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Re: Green Pepper Plant Diseased?

It looks like cercospora leaf spot with the yellow halo around the lesion. If the center of the lesion drops out and leaves a hole, then it is likely.

I found this link with some very good information and pictures of pepper and eggplant diseases. ... 072313.pdf
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