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Diseased? Alaskan Cedar/Weeping White Spruce

In the last 3 weeks, I've purchased and planted a new weeping Alaskan Cedar and also a weeping White Spruce. Both started out great, but this week, they've taken a dive and both are now showing signs of browning/graying. I was told by the nursery to water each with 3 gallons once a week and that's what I've been doing. The nursery suggested it's winter dieback, but I'm hesitant to accept that. Both are experiencing tip dieback starting on the lower branches and slowly creeping up. On the white spruce, it's this year's new tips. On the Alaskan, it's sporadic on the lower branch growth and yellowing towards the trunk. Have I over watered? Or do I have a fungus/blight issue taking root? Or am I just overly concerned with nothing? I've attached two images of each. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
weeping white spruce damage2.jpg
weeping white spruce damage.jpg
alaskan cedar damage2.jpg
alaskan cedar damage.jpg

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Hi SannWood, We have thousands of trees on our place, but only one Cedar. If I had to come up with an answer it would be: not too much water but too little. Once the trees have rooted well less water might be OK. We don't water our trees, but if I were to move one I would. Did they come in containers or were the root balls wrapped in burlap?
Maybe someone here on the forum might have a different idea, but I think they need more water.
You didn't say where you are located. Have a nice day.


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