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Anaheims died on plant OVER NIGHT

I was soooo proud!!!! The garnden was doing so great and so early compared to most peoples in my area. Thought I had it all covered.....
Then last week I cut 4 3 inch Anaheim Peppers off 2 plants (2 per plant) and the next day when I checked on my garden the other peppers that had looked perfectly normal the night before were all ruined!!!!!!!!!!
I don't get it...plant was healthy and good for Oregon,really hot weather this year,lots of 85 or over days and 60+ nights in the last month. I simply removed a few peppers at 3 inches to fry up for the family and the next day UGGGG!!!!@%^$

So here are some pics,keep in mind these are 4 days on the plant before
I picked them off for this pic and to save younger ones thats are not yet ruin.


Just no idea for me,I'm to new but I have not found pics of this same thing yet.


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Sorry to hear that. On the bright side, it is still very early for pepper growing season. I would pick off any unsuitable looking peppers, and wait for additional blooms. If the problem doesn't repeat, then forgetaboutit.

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