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Thuja problem

I planted 24 thujas from Lowes about 3 weekes ago and they are slowly
turning brown. I watered them about once a day once every two days for
the past 3 weeks and now I water them twice a day (early morning and
evening). Not all of them have this problem but at least half (12).
Few of them were planted close to large oak tree but I don't see any
connection between location where it was planted. They get about 3-5
hours of full sun.
Here are pictures:

All help will be much appreciated.


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Where are you located? What is the soil like?
My initial observations are that they appear to be planted too close to the chainlink fence (not that this has anything to do with your problems), you may be overwatering them and the amount of light they are getting is marginal. Thujas are tough plants. Although they are often sold as shade tolerant, tolerant does not mean that they flourish in shady conditions. The more shade, the more loose and open their habit becomes. I generally do not plant Thujas in places where they receive less than five or six hours of full sun but take note of the fact that I'm in the extreme northeast.
Without knowing the weather and the soil it is difficult to generalize but usually deep watering new woody plants twice a week is more than adequate in anything short of very sandy soil.
There also are number of insect and disease problems (blights, leaf miners, mealy bug, scale...) that could be issues.
Which Thuja cultivar are these?

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I'm in NJ and the soil is sandy.
I don't know what Thuja cultivar they are but they supposed to grow up to 15x4 ft.
I have a feeling that it's some kind of disease or insect problem. It just seems to be very random problem.

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