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Various pests / disease

Hi , can anyone help ?. I have a climber .. The buds are going black and falling off sometimes ... And I have a standard Chandos beauty .. It has a lot of black on the ends and some of the buds go black ... And another shrub where there,s a lot of black on the ends and buds .. I presume it's rose midge ?? .. I,ve been spraying rose clear on the ground recently ..anyone else had this ?? Thanks Roy , you might have to click on the photo,s to enlarge to get the benefit ..thanks

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Re: Various pests / disease

The roses are close together and you have them in a corner against a solid wall. I don't know exactly what is wrong with your plants, but I think they need to have more space and better air circulation so you won't have so much problems with fungi. If the roses have a fungal infection, it is hard to treat. I would dig up the worst rose and check the roots. Sometimes tip dieback is caused by rotting roots.

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