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Any companies still have Candy onion Plants?

I know it's late in the season, but my onions started from seed don't seem to be growing any more! My boyfriend's heart is set on these so I was going to just order some plants, but they're sold out everywhere. Does anyone know of any companies that still have some available for the 2014 growing season? I can't imagine Home Depot or Lowe's would have this variety would it?

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Re: Any companies still have Candy onion Plants?

If they are not goring now will new plants still grow? Onions need cool weather. On the other hand if the greens are big then they might just be forming bulbs underground where you can't see.

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Re: Any companies still have Candy onion Plants?

I think it is too late to plant them now. Onions are seasonal. You can get them from Dixondale when they are in season. Make sure you can grow them in your area.

https://www.dixondalefarms.com/category/ ... ndy+onions
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