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Best Perennials for North Missouri Soil?

Hi!I live in North Mississippi and our weather is so that we can have all four seasons in one month.Our soil is black gumbo;so sticky when wet it won't come off the shovel,and so hard when dry you can't get a tiller to break it up.
Now my question is this:what kinds of perenails do best in this soil?We have tried adding sand,sawdust,mulch;it all gets impacted right into the clay.I have one spot that is somewhat moist all the time.What can I put there?

I am thinking about going way out on the dirt roads and digging up the wildflowers I have seen growing out there.They may be weeds but many are beautiful.Maybe something untamed will adapt to this mess of a lawn I have.

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Re: Best Perennials for North Missouri Soil?

You can grow all sorts of things in your area, including weeds and bugs! As this is your 1st post, won't elaborate.
How large an area are you trying to plant? Are you growing other than perennials (veggies? annuals?) What do your neighbors have growing?

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