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blueberry questions plus 1 almond question.

i just bought some 1 gallon blueberries and i have a few questions maybe somebody could answer.

1.in the video the guy mentions fish meal.would the alaska fertilizer bottle be good to use?

2.whats the maximum pot i could put these in? should i put them in the 5 gallons for now?

3.last year when almonds husk opened the ants went in and made a mess.what would be the best way to care for the almond tree? it's a dwarf almond tree

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Re: blueberry questions plus 1 almond question.

Blueberry will be a very large bush, 8 feet tall, 4 to 5 feet diameter when planted in a field or yard. A 55 gallon metal drum cut in half 2'x2' will make a good pot. If you grow that in a 2 foot tall pot the plant will be 10 feet tall, you will need a step ladder to harvest blueberries.

I don't know anything about almonds.

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Re: blueberry questions plus 1 almond question.

Vaccinium come in all sizes from upland blueberry that are barely get a foot tall, to lowland blueberry at eight or nine foot tall. With every size in between in farkle or huckleberry.

Knowing the cultivar name you bought will go a long way to getting a size of your catch.

Vaccinium like acid soil. Buying some sulphur and reading up on how to apply it is a good idea. Even in pots. Mir-acid (alumina) may be a more direct way to fertilize blueberry

Most of the rabbit-eye (half-tall) cultivars can probably grow a long time in a five gallon pot with adaquate drainage.
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