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Potted Rose rescued! Bloom! Dying! Ahh the shame of it all..

Hello everyone! My name is Rob and have become an accidental bleeding heart gardener. Someone gave my wife a potted rose plant. It became absolutely neglected and ignored. It sat in a tiny pot that sat over our kitchen sink. It went unwatered, overwatered, fell into the sink and out of it's pot many times. BUT the little thing never gave up. At Christmas or a little after, I felt so sorry for it. It had one nice leaf and one dying leaf. That was it! :oops:

I got a plastic pot and found some type of dirt in a pan in the garage. I planted it, took it into my studio and placed it in a south facing window with lots of full sun. (Northeast Ohio). The little thing began to grow. I was so proud! :D

If you follow this link you will find a album called, Rosie the Rose". I know, very original. :roll: ... t=6&page=1

The photos are in order and the first one is long after repotting!

SHE BLOOMED/BLOSSOMED YESTERDAY! I handed out cigars. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

My trouble is this: The last photos show the leaves as they are behaving lately. Yellowing, wilting, curling and with holes developing in some. I have done so much. Please don't let me lose her now. :shock:

Any and all advise is gratefully accepted and deeply appreciated. Thank you all!

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Re: Potted Rose rescued! Bloom! Dying! Ahh the shame of it a

Rose and your is a mini (I beleive) are fussy about fiddling with their feet. Too wet soil (IE) soil with small particle size and poor outgassing (of air) is kind of a double whammy of stressors.

Plant him outdoors in May and hope for the best. You may end up covering him with a peach basket full of leaves as a winter jacket, come October.
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Re: Potted Rose rescued! Bloom! Dying! Ahh the shame of it a

Wow, that little rose really deserved to live! I applaud you for your efforts, and am amazed to see how well your rose came back from near-death. As to the reason for your recent problems, it could be over-watering or perhaps it’s ready for a dormant period. I used to have several roses that I kept in the refrigerator in the summer (simulating winter), and brought out in the fall…so I would have blooming roses indoors in the winter. I did this for several years and really enjoyed it. The miniature roses worked very well for indoors. Congratulations on your success with this very deserving little rose, and good luck with it in the future!

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Re: Potted Rose rescued! Bloom! Dying! Ahh the shame of it a

Gavindale, please put your location information in your profile. Unless you want us to assume you live in Gila Bend. :D
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