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Bonsai needles turning brown

I have had my Japanese Juniper Bonsi since December of 2013. When I bought it, it was nice and green. We moved from Texas to North Dakota to a very cold winter and I kept the bonsi inside. Over the last month I have noticed the needles turning brown and falling over. I researched and decided it might be a mite so I sprayed it with a pesticide from the local nursery. Today I noticed the trunk has a white film. I scratched the trunk and it is till has a light green tint to it so its not completely dead. Please help me. I don't want to lose it.

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Re: Bonsai needles turning brown

Nicole I'd like to welcome you to helpful gardener.

Browning and brittle needles on juniper, it usually notice for a post mortem.

Juniper is quite cold hearty, but I suspect you will need a cold house in N. Dakota. To protect from snow pack more than cold. (FWIW I needed one in NH).

Juniper indoors is hit with a double whammy of central heating and uber low humidity. Either if which is more than enough to kill Juniper.

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