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Is my raspberry plant dying?

Pictures below.

I bought a Raspberry plant in a pot from Home Depot. It was in a box taped up and I read it was Raspberries, a lot of the plant's (branches?) were bent so I kind of questioned it. The plant looked healthy so I bought it. I transplanted the plant to my back yard where it's getting plenty of sunlight. There's been some wind which is unusual and that's not helping. The leaves seem to be dying now so I cut the parts where the branch was bent. It looks kind of bald. Is my plant going to die? Did I do the right thing? Thank you for your time.

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Re: Is my raspberry plant dying?

Since it was in a box, it's not used to the sun and the wind. Since you already planted it, it would help if you could provide some shade and wind screen. If wind wasn't an issue I sometimes use lawn chair or table. If there is wind, secure it from blowing around. It will recover in time.

In the future, remember to acclimate new plants that have been kept indoors or in protected environment by exposing to sun and wind a little at a time for increasing period of time.

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Re: Is my raspberry plant dying?

It has been my experience that raspberry plants are pretty tough, but in this case you may have gotten one that’s not in good shape to begin with. As the other poster said, it’s a good idea to always shield new seedlings from the weather conditions until established…but this one seems to be suffering beyond that. I can’t tell from the picture, but my quick guess would be that the plant has rust. If so, there are ways to treat it…or whatever other problem it may have. I’d say just baby it for a while and maybe it will pull through. As I said, raspberries are usually pretty hardy.

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